Packshots & Packaging Visuals

We create stunning 3D visuals from your flat artwork.

3D Packaging visuals

Discover the benefits of CGI

Using CGI as an alternative to photography gives you a range of benefits and is a cost effective.

Perfectly consistent 3D packshots

Perfect consistency

Maintain consistency between pack variations. Add to ranges at any time - scene settings are stored for a perfect match.

3D packshots with vibrant colours

Vibrant, accurate colours

Maintain your brand identity with vibrant, accurate colour reproduction. Special print finishes such as foil and UV varnish can be also achieved.

3D packshots have no imperfections

No imperfections

Simplified pack forms remove the imperfections of the real thing. Creases and wrinkles are stylised to increase artwork visibility.

Create 3D packshots from your flat artwork

Create images prior to production

You can have the images you need to start marketing without having to wait for production or to get a prototype made.

Packshots for ecommerce

Suitable for everything from POS to ecommerce

Images can be rendered at any size and resolution and stay sharp even at smaller sizes - ideal for online use.

3D Pack Visuals with transparency

Transparent images save time masking

Images can be supplied as layered PSD’s with perfect transparency - no need to spend time masking.

CGI Packshot Studio

CGI Packshot Studio

Our fully equipped studio is colour managed to ensure accurate reproduction across print and screen.

We have a library of standard pack formats available or we can model any bespoke pack from a sample, cutterguide or drawing.

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